this broken mind e​.​p

by Immolated moTh

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3 tracks of brutal metal with blazing guitars, deep growling vocals and blasting drums. No clean vocals here, no screaming either.


released February 15, 2016

Written, performed and recorded by moTh



all rights reserved


Immolated moTh England, UK

moTh is a musician who should not have survived a misdiagnosis and mistreatment, but he did, and is now living with severe fibromyalgia, in almost complete isolation. So this music is pretty dark...

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Track Name: Overwhelm
overwhelm anxiety

The god of anxiety it lives within me
as I embark upon another journey
building uncertainty of what I’m in for
my head is swimming I am failing to open my front door
sweating and shaking now it’s getting worse
losing emotional control that is the first
and in the building stage the air gets very thin
trying to keep a grip don’t let anxiety win
to late this time it’s got me can’t hear my own mind
shut down and close it out another time

not in control

synapses once connected now miscommunicating
my mind now not my own my body is reacting
feels like my heart is frozen and I can’t breathe
collapsed into a corner clutching my knees
chest pumping faster and faster desperation for oxygen
fire on my brain is spreading eyes closed there is no one in

I have collapsed
emotional cripple
ashamed to be

I’ve got to slow my breathing if I’m to stand a chance
a hundred trains on different tracks all crashing very fast
deep down inside the darkness screaming for escape
small piece of inner awareness it’s not too late
need weight to slow me down a physical pressure
but now I’m on my own I don’t have my father

mind terrified
panic feels
as if I’ll die

out here my mind is breaking lost in the wilderness
I know that they are watching I’ve nothing to confess
they don’t know what I’m feeling or not feeling deep inside
yet i know they still judge me I can feel their watching eyesd
I only need to be in isolation
I need time to come down escape this situation

the aftermath remains from hours of suffering
shivering and crying ashamed the pain is lingering
we always blame ourselves for not quite hanging on
afraid we’ll lose our minds and it will all be gone
this world is overwhelming too much to bear
when anxiety gets too much my mind will take me out of here

mind terrified
panic feels
as if i’ll die